Paranormal Investigating with New Merch, Spirits & Boos

Blob Fest is on the Way!

Therefore, we’re excited to, once again, celebrate this Annual Event. For those who are new to the town of Phoenixville, the Festival is a three day event. Years ago, a film, starring Steve McQueen, was filmed at the Colonial Theatre. Today, it remains a cult classic with a Festival hosted in its honor. It kicks off on a Friday night (this year, July 14th) where floods of people run out of the theatre, reenacting that one famous scene from the movie. You can catch it here on You Tube.

Travelers from ALL OVER arrive to Phoenixville to celebrate the film as well as its history, the horror genre & support local businesses on Bridge. This all happens while screenings of the film take place at the theatre. Hundreds of vendors line the streets selling swag, merch and memorabilia to commemorate science fiction & even dress up in costumes. Local business owners will also decorate their storefronts and enter into a contest where they can win free advertisement at the theatre. 

Last year, we had our own Blob T-Shirt design to honor the festival. THIS YEAR, we not only offering a NEW design, but we’re tying it into a Spooky event we’ll be hosting from our second floor. Right now, we’re calling it our Spirits & Boos Event featuring themed cocktails to set the mood. 

How Did This Event Come to Fruition?

Local author, Mallory Cywinkski reached out to us via Instagram, months ago, with the interest to host an event here. This would entail promoting her self published book titled, “Making Friends with Ghosts“. That link will take you right to Amazon for those interested in her novel.

Lastly, if you follow her adventures on the Gram, you can spot her visiting & investigating haunts and guest appearing on podcasts with her “spooky friends”. Currently, she’s working on new projects like an anthology series involving submissions from local writers. 

Blob Event

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