Blob Festival Returns & We Have A Frightening Good Shirt

Phoenixville is home to many events, but there is nothing quite like the Colonial’s Annual Blob Fest. 

For those not familiar…

The horror flick starring Steve McQueen (in his first feature folm) focusses on a creature from outer space that arrives in a small town, eating everything in its path. Yes. EVERYTHING. And the more it eats, the hungrier it gets and the larger it grows! 

Sure, today, that probably sounds like a 100 films & shows you’ve seen before (Little Shop of Horror fans out there??), but back in the 50’s, it was ahead of its time. But what makes it so unique to our town? Well, one of the most epic moments in the film was actually filmed in Phoenixville, and the most iconic being at the Colonial Theatre! Every year, well, every year prior to the pandemic of 2020 that is, the Festival was a three day event that kicked off on a Friday night. Floods of people would run out of the theatre, reenacting that one famous scene from the movie. You can actually watch it here.

And then the whole weekend, travelers from ALL OVER, and we mean ALL OVER, come to Phoenixville to celebrate the film as well as its history, horror movies & supporting local businesses on Bridge. All while screenings of the film take place at the theatre. And trust us, for a movie that you could probably find on streaming, tickets sell out fast!

We, at Bistro on Bridge, are excited to see its return. We love seeing patrons dress up and, not to mention, parade around town. And let’s not forget, local businesses dress up their storefronts as well! We even hosted a few Blob Balls from our second floor in the past. 

Just how excited are we? We’re launching a Blob inspired Shirt….

Beerware the Blob!

We have a super limited drop we printed from our good pals at Giant Robo Printing that come in a variety of sizes. We have a feeling, like the Fest itself, they won’t be here long!

They’re on sale now with plenty of time to snag yours & wear during the event. And if you do so happen to be wearing the shirt during the reenactment or dining with us any day during the Festival (July 8-10), take a pic, tag us on Instagram (@bistroonbridge) along with #beerwaretheblob and we’ll give ya a FREE Blob Sticker.

Such an exciting time to be a part of this community & welcome back on those amazing events that make this, hands down, one of the best towns! 

Check out our other limited merch options today!

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