Halloween Cocktails, Spooky Double Feature & Local Psychic

Fall Season arrived

It’s getting darker earlier & earlier and everywhere you turn is serving Pumpkin Spice everything. That must mean Spooky Season is also here!

What a great time of year. Shoveling fun sized candy down your throat. Scouring the web for costume ideas. Scary movies streaming on every service and movie theatres. Oh yeah, and the Parties! Next to Christmas, is there any better Holiday?

But of course, our Philadelphia Phillies are crushing it in the Playoffs. And if last year was any indication, if you’re a Phillies fan, you’re celebrating Red October over Halloween. Even last year, our restaurant was flooded more with red caps & jeseys than anything else. 

Not a bad problem to have!

That’s why we decided to host a spooktacular fun movie night Wednesday October 25th with Halloween themed cocktails & even welcoming the return of local clairvoyant psychic, Hollie with Passion, Path & Purpose! There will also be a double feature on the Projector for those who want to enjoy a couple refreshments and catch a spooky flick.

We hosted something similar during Blobfest and it was a lot of fun! What better time to catch some horror movies and spooky spirits than during Halloween? 


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