Bistro on Bridge Rightfully Earns Massive $800 Tip from Community

Staff Member Surprised with a Stack of $100 Bills

Thursday, March 9, Bistro on Bridge’s Server, Zeyad, was waiting on what looked like a normal table of 10 people. Nothing uncommon for a Thursday evening. Especially after a busy night following a show at the Colonial Theater. What Z didn’t know is that he won a Community Contest where he was nominated , voted & selected among many to win the Grand Prize of $800! 

When it came time to cash out his customers, he noticed a stack of $100 bills. Immediately Z was confused. This couldn’t possibly be correct? That was until Chris Lerch, with Hello 422, stood up, introduced himself and explained who he was and what was going on with this massive generosity! Can catch it right here.

If you don’t know who Chris Lerch is, and Hello 422, definitely become familiar! Especially for lovers of local businesses. It was an Online Community created to support businesses through the pandemic and highlight their services in what was one of the worst times to be an owner of a Mom & Pop Shop. But the initiative has grown tremendously and, to this day, Chris continues to showcase businesses of all sorts along Route 422. 

This is what makes winning all the more special!

Zeyad was selected among MANY hardworking Waiters from restaurants all over the area. And rightfull so! If you had Z wait on you, then you know this was well deserved. His energy and passion is shown the moment he introduces himself and his attention to his customers never stops. We are proud of Zeyad and hope that Massive Tip goes to something usefull or VERY FUN! 

But it didn’t end there

The following day, the word spread like wild fire on our Social Media channels & Hello 422’s. People began commenting and sharing this amazing moment caught on camera. Comment after comment praised Z’s well derserved win and their experiences dining here with him as their Server. For a small town of Phoenixville, this was going viral. And if you thought seeing the Tip Clip is where the surprises end, we were ALL WRONG.

ABC Action News caught whiff of the buzz and came out on the scene to interview Zeyad and immediately followed spotlighting Chris for organizing this event. We were all shocked and filled with such joy! January through early March is a slow time for restaurants. Ask anyone in the industry, but immediately, the excitement was flying through our restaurant at 100MPH! 

All this is due to Chris Lerch and his wonderful online community. We can’t thank him enough for all he does. You can catch the video from ABC below, and who knows, next time you’re enjoying our menu, you might have another future highlighted winner because all our staff give 110% at Bistro on Bridge. 


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