Top Craft Beers from Beer Advocate on Draft

Since our doors opened a couple weeks ago, you may have noticed some of the highest rated craft beers from Beer Advocate, have been put on draft. As of right now, Goose Island Bourbon County Barley Wine is currently ranked at number 85 and Russian River Consecration, an American Wild Ale, is listed at 106.

You can find this list by clicking right here and see what else Beer Advocate rates on their top 250 list. We’ve had a number of beers on this list on our top in the past. Check out lists of kegs kicked in the past by selecting from the dropdown on our Draft page!

An honorable mention on tap, that isn’t on their list, is an oldie, but a goodie, Dogfish World Wide Stout. This Imperial Stout stands out on so many levels, in flavor, amora and experience. It packs a wallop of an ABV, clocking in an 18%, but beers like these are went for sipping, enjoying all while socializing.

Since we re-opened to Phoenixville, what have you sampled? Are you enjoying the new layout? Let us know on Facebook and make sure to check in all those tasty suds on Untappd!

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