New Year, New Bistro on Bridge

208-212 Bridge Street in Phoenixville has been home to many restaurants and bars over the years. A variety of different menu items came from that kitchen and thousands upon thousands of beers and cocktails were poured from that back bar. But even with all that history, we knew it was time this building got a fresh look. And as of  January 1st of 2018, the remodel for Bistro on Bridge was set in motion. We wasted no time to get things underway from day ONE of the new year. The dining room furniture and decor were all moved out,  and the building was prepped for construction.

We kept open for business as long as we could. We even hosted one last hurrah in the old bar, so our loyal customers could enjoy the original look one last time. But on Monday, January 29th, we officially closed our doors and moved renovations from the dining room area, to the bar. The walls were coming down!

When you step foot inside our new building, you aren’t going to recognize us. Heck, you won’t notice us out front with our new sign! The space is completely wide open now. The bar has been moved to the front, loaded with 32 taps (craft beer, wine AND cocktails), a 100+ Whiskeys, Spirits and bottles of wine. The wood you see? All from the Hedei Sue building. Our Private Party venue has been moved to the back, with barnyard doors and new home to our SweetWater sign. Hence the name, the SweetWater Room!

But it doesn’t end there! Bistro on Bridge will get the top to bottom treatment. And after talking about it many years, planning and discussing, things are finally in motion for our rooftop beer garden.  Rumors are finally becoming a reality! When we officially open our doors to the public this Spring, the construction will be taken to the roof. The night club will be missed, but we know people will embrace and love the new concept!

We thank everyone for all the love and support. It wasn’t easy to close our doors, but we promise, it will be worth the wait!


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